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Enjoy the spring 2014 season in one of our beautiful luxury homes!  New luxury homes in Wayne, NJ available!  Also, only ONE brand new condo in Maplewood NJ remains for sale so please call Tom TODAY!





New Condos!

See Springfield Commons, the newest condo in Maplewood, NJ!

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New home sold in Glen Rock, NJ!

New luxury home on way in Glen Rock, NJ!

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Another home sold in Glen Rock, NJ!

Another new luxury home sold in Glen Rock, NJ!

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Kitchen & Bath Design

Tom's homes feature innovative kitchen and bath design, which are often considered one of the key features of these homes.  The design is both aesthetically pleasing yet highly functional.  To get an idea of the range of exciting kitchen and bath designs that are available to today's homebuyers, take a look at or click here and see how superior design in these areas can lend a special feel to a home.  Also keep in mind that our luxury home builders can also work with you on a variety of customized design themes to round out the personal touch you want for your new home.

With the state of the art in kitchen technology, even items such as the fixtures (faucets, sinks, etc.) have new features and designs that you may not even have heard of.  One of the highest quality leading brands in this arena, Kohler, has great examples of the latest products in this category.  Check out their website at or just click on their name above.  You will be amazed at the state of the art design and functionality of these formerly mundane kitchen components!







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