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Enjoy the spring 2014 season in one of our beautiful luxury homes!  New luxury homes in Wayne, NJ available!  Also, only ONE brand new condo in Maplewood NJ remains for sale so please call Tom TODAY!





New Condos!

See Springfield Commons, the newest condo in Maplewood, NJ!

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New home sold in Glen Rock, NJ!

New luxury home on way in Glen Rock, NJ!

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Another home sold in Glen Rock, NJ!

Another new luxury home sold in Glen Rock, NJ!

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Home Theater

Given the recent huge growth in the popularity of home theater systems, the design and style of Tom's homes often incorporate internal home theater system pre-wiring, built to the specifications of the buyer.  Similarly, pre-existing homes can also be custom hard-wired for the current state of the art in home theater and entertainment systems.  The systems themselves come in many configurations, depending on what is desired, and the choices are nearly limitless.  While it may be a confusing arena to explore for those who are just beginning their exploration of this fun part of homeownership, there are many ways to learn about them.  You can search google or yahoo to see what's out there (or go to our links page), and sites such as can provide a wealth of information and product reviews from users and experts alike.

One great website that Tom likes is which is a local company in Bridgewater, New Jersey, specializing in home theater systems.  Their site provides useful information on this hot topic, and you may get ideas of your own that you will wish to incorporate into your plans.  While beginning a home theater project may seem daunting, with Harvey's and others' advice you will learn how much fun and excitement such a system can bring to your home.  If you love movies and/or music, you will appreciate the reasons why recent surveys show that over two thirds of homeowners prefer to watch new movies and listen to music at home instead of going to a theater or a concert!







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