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Enjoy the summer 2013 season in one of our beautiful luxury homes!  New luxury homes in Wayne, NJ available!  Also, only ONE brand new condo in Maplewood NJ remains for sale so please call Tom TODAY!





New Condos!

See Springfield Commons, the newest condo in Maplewood, NJ!

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New Model Home Is Now Open For Viewing!



New home sold in Glen Rock, NJ!

New luxury home on way in Glen Rock, NJ!

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Another home sold in Glen Rock, NJ!

Another new luxury home sold in Glen Rock, NJ!

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Closing Day Checklist

1. Fire and extended coverage insurance policy in the amount of the mortgage. This must be presented at closing. Recommended: Homeowners policy to cover both mortgage amount and your equity in the home.

2. All buyers should be present. If this is not possible, tell your attorney or title company in ample time to see if they can make special arrangements.

3. Bring certified check to closing, made out to you in the amount of the purchase price less down payment and mortgage, to be endorsed to proper parties at closing.

4. Bring some personal checks to cover miscellaneous closing costs, such as attorney's fee, tax or insurance escrow or adjustments, fuel oil, etc.

5. Order telephone service. Tom will take care of having utilities transferred except telephone, if you wish.


6. Check your new post office address zip code, and make sure you have completed the application to have mail forwarding to your new address so that you can submit it as soon as the closing is completed (same afternoon or next morning).

1. All sellers should be present at closing to sign deed and affidavit of title or arrange with attorney to sign ahead of time.

2. You must have an attorney or title company to prepare deed and affidavit of title for the purchaser. They will need your present deed. For the preparation of the affidavit for a married couple, they need to know the wife's maiden name and if you or your spouse has been married before to anyone else that is still living.

3. Bring personal checks for miscellaneous items such as attorney, revenue stamps, etc.

4. Have all keys at closing.

5. Please give your realtor your forwarding address.

6. Tom will take care of having utilities transferred, except telephone, if you wish.




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